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Kowalewski Law is an innovative, business-focused law firm providing professional, efficient and affordable legal representation to businesses, not-for-profits, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals. We provide our clients with a broad range of services to address the business and legal complexities that exist at every stage in the life cycle of a business. We strive to set our clients up for long-term success by choosing the correct business entity and addressing issues early on that could become expensive problems in the future if not handled correctly. Once an entity is established, we provide ongoing business and legal services designed to help our clients efficiently and effectively grow and manage their business and to protect our clients’ rights and bottom line. Kowalewski Law is committed to providing our clients with proactive business counsel, highly responsive communication and thoughtful, experienced representation.

 The Business Law Services offered by Kowalewski Law:

Business Entity Formation and Transactional Law, including Contract Drafting and Negotiations

A well-structured and properly executed business transaction can provide lasting benefits for a company. Conversely, when a transaction is not given proper legal consideration, businesses can find themselves at risk for litigation or compliance issues down the road.

Business transactions can serve many purposes. Some ensure legal compliance, others protect from future litigation, and many position a company for financial growth. In some cases, a properly structured business transaction will do all three. At Kowalewski Law, we provide a broad range of transactional services to meet our clients’ needs, including business formation, contract drafting and negotiation, buy-sell agreements, business acquisitions and business succession.

Non-profit Corporations

Non-profits and charities play an important role in our community.  Just as with for-profit companies, non-profit organizations also need skilled legal guidance and protection strategies to ensure the vitality of their operations.  At Kowalewski Law, we provide a broad range of business and legal services to not-for-profits, including advising on options for formation, as well as operational and compliance issues.

Business Litigation

As a business law firm, we believe that quality business management will limit legal liability and risk and also help business owners avoid litigation. Unfortunately, there are times when even the best business management cannot prevent all business disputes. At Kowalewski Law, we provide a broad range of litigation services, including contract disputes, shareholder/partnership disputes and fraud claims.

Outside General Counsel Legal Services

Kowalewski Law offers affordable “Outside General Counsel” services to business clients.  Similar to how large corporations employ “in-house” attorneys, these services offer small and mid-size businesses the opportunity to have an attorney “on-call”. This service helps proactive business owners identify and understand legal issues that face them every day, and how they can address issues early on, at a minimal cost, before they become expensive problems in the future.

General Business and Legal Advice

Kowalewski Law may also be retained to provide a company with general legal or business advice, including business planning, legal risk assessment and advising on operational and compliance matters.

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